Antique Singer Sewing Machine Value?


The value of an antique Singer sewing machine can vary depending on the year it was made, the style and model, as well as the machine's physical and functioning condition. The amount of digits in a Singer sewing machine's serial number can often help identify the year it was made and therefore help one find its value. Many of these old-style sewing machines can be found at online auction sites and are valued at more than $500.
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1. Turn the sewing machine so the front is facing you. Locate the serial number stamped or embossed into a metal, rounded strip attached or embedded into the base of the machine in…. That's a fairly early machine, so likely it will be more than a similar machine made in, say, 1911, would bring. But it boils down
The old antique treadle types are hundreds of dollars. The 221 is anywhere between 150.00 to 300.00. The company even has a phone number to help determine when yours was made. The
Here is a great way to find the market price of an item. NOTE: You must have an eBay account and be logged in. Anybody can ask whatever they want for an item. However. Go to eBay
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