How do you apply for a military STAR card?


To apply for a military STAR card you must either be an active duty, retired or reserved,or veterans with 100 percent disability. You will need your military or Department of Defense ID and if you do not have your ID a Social Security card. You can then either bring your card to the Military Exchange store and ask for an application at Customer Service or you can get one online.
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1. Ensure you are qualified to apply. Not everyone associated with the military or working on a military installation is able to get a STAR card. According to the Army and Air Force
You call 1-877-891-7827 to apply for The MILITARY STAR
Eligible applicants include United States military personnel on active duty, retired or reserve members, and Federal Department of Defense employees working on installations outside
It's a credit card offered through the military for it's members. Your husband probably signed up for one, and one was sent to you as well. It is very useful and not a bad rate and
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How to Apply for a Military STAR Card
The Military STAR card can offer many credit advantages to qualifying holders. Sponsored by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, the STAR card offers comparatively low interest rates for purchases made at military exchange stores. This is very... More »
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