What are arboreal animals?


Arboreal animals are animals that spend the majority or even all of their time living in trees. A few examples are flying squirrels, lemurs, and the koala. Arboreal animals are found in all the forests throughout our world, however they are most common in tropical forests. Their ability to climb in trees without falling is due to a number of adaptations, which range from lithe bodies and sticky feet, to prehensile tails, which means they are able to grasp and hold with their tails. Many of these animals also utilize their claws. They are able to climb and hang on to trees for long periods of time.
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Monkeys are one of the main types of arboreal animals; many types of monkeys live, play, eat and sleep in trees. The howler monkey is one example of an arboreal animal. The howler
Possibly a tree snail.
Birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians are all Arboreal
animal who lives on tree are called arboreal animal.
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What Are Arboreal Animals?
Arboreal animals live and dwell in trees. A variety of animal species are considered arboreal animals. These species consider trees to be their home base, and find shelter, food and protection among the branches. It is unknown how many species of animals... More »
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