Are banks open on Christmas Eve?

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Christmas Eve is not a Federal Holiday, and most banks will be open if Christmas Eve falls on a normal business day, though they may have limited hours.
The holiday schedule observed by banks can vary, check your bank's website to be sure of their holiday hours.
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All of the malls will be open on Christmas eve. I would suggest that you check online for the hours of operation because normally on Christmas eve the mall hours are reduced.
Regions Bank, 7447 East 116th Street, Fishers, IN 46038-2321. Ph
Farmville players opened presents on Christmas Eve in 2009.
I hate banks, they always want money from me :/
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The decision to close early on Christmas Eve is made on a bank-by-bank and even a branch-by-branch basis. On a similar note, U.S. banks do not close on New Year's Eve but are closed on New Year's Day. As is the case with Christmas Eve, some banks and branches elect to close earlier than normal on New Year's Eve as a benefit to their employees.

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