Are crocodiles bigger than alligators?


There are 23 different species of crocodiles; some of these are bigger than alligators and some are smaller. Both animals belong to the order known as crocodilia.

The exact size of a crocodile or alligator varies based on its species, but there are several defining characteristics that separate these two animals. Alligators generally have a rounded jaw, while crocodiles have a pointed jaw. These animals also live in different environments. Crocodiles possess special glands for ridding their bodies of excess salt, which is why they prefer saltwater areas. Alligators do not have this gland, and thus, make their home in freshwater.

Q&A Related to "Are crocodiles bigger than alligators?"
Crocodiles are slightly larger.
Alligators have shorter, blunter, heavier heads than
Alligator is slightly bigger than a crocodile but croc's snout is bigger & narrower. Can see a croc's enlarged, lower teeth even when its mouth closed.
Crocodiles can reach over 20 feet, both the Nile Crocodile and the Austrailian Saltwater Crocodile. The Alligator will normally not reach over 16 feet. Reptiles, like kangaroos, lobsters
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