Are Heartworms Contagious to Other Dogs?


Heartworms are contracted only through mosquitos. Therefore, a heartworm positive dog can be safely housed with a dog that does not have heartworms. Dogs cannot indirectly contract this parasite from one another.
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Most dog parasites are transmitted through stool or parasites left behind in the ground. However, heartworms can only be transmitted by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes suck blood from infected
Heartworm can be transmitted from dog to dog only by the bite of a
Anything in an animal's feces has the potential to be contagious. Consult dog's veternarian and they can give you some medication for your puppy.
Hi Jen - this is a common problem and I believe it is a possible anal sac infection? YOU will need to see the vet for this if there is redness around the anal area. If the area
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