Are Hickeys Bad for You?


A hickey is also referred to as a love bite or kiss mark. Hickeys are bruises that are formed by the sucking of skin or aggressive kissing. When this is done, the capillaries below the skin are ruptured and the blood surrounding the tissue can seep out. They vary in size and can last one to two weeks if you leave it untreated. Hickeys can make for a bad or embarrassing situation in professional or social environments.
Q&A Related to "Are Hickeys Bad for You?"
A hickey is a bruise. Generally they are not bad for you. They are broken vessels,
Well, hickey are not entirely "bad" for your body. A hickey gathers blood from the part of your body that the hickey was made. A hickey can be sucked in the wrong place
A hickey is a bruise. The suction applied to the skin to place a hickey there ruptures the small blood vessels (capillaries) in the skin, with resulting spilling of red blood cells
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