What is data processing?


Data processing is a processing by which a computer application is used to enter, summarize, and convert data into understandable information. This data may be organized or unorganized that needs to be converted into machine readable format. Data processing systems are also known as information systems. Areas of data processing include scientific data processing and commercial data processing. PSPP is a free, open-source statistic software that is used for data processing. It is used as an alternative for IBM SPSS Statistics.
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1. business data processing. 2.scientific data processing. ako si jayveelim ang data processing.
Do you know, how does a computer process data? Without data management and data analysis, your computer would be little more than a pricey paperweight. This article discusses two
A data processor is an entry-level administrative professional who utilizes a word or number processing device (e.g. computer or typewriter) to input statistics, documentation, lists
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Components of Electronic Data Processing
What you input into a computer is called data. Because data must be in a useful form, it must be transformed into information that you can use. The process that makes this possible is called electronic data processing. Computers, as electronic data... More »
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