Articles of Confederation Strengths and Weakness?


Some of the strengths associated with articles of confederations include:To declare war and make peace; To coin and borrow money; To detail with foreign countries and sign treaties and To operate post offices. The weaknesses include: The national government could not force the states to obey its laws; It did not have the power to tax; It did not have the power to enforce laws; Congress lacked strong and steady leadership; There was no national army or navy and Each state could put tariffs on trade between states.
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Weakness: states had more power than the central government, they congress could not form an army. Strengnth: first unified government after the revolution.
Strengths. 1.Government power was made so local and divided for each of the several states, that a national power could never be seized or abused over them. 2. People could live under
Created a weak Congress, no provisions for
Only a unicameral legislature, no separation of powers. The central government under the Articles was too weak since the majority of the power rested with MORE?
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