What is the Ask toolbar?


The Ask Toolbar is a Web browser add-on that is often bundled with free software downloads for Windows. The toolbar causes changes that some users consider undesirable, including changing the browser's default home page to Ask.com.

The Ask Toolbar is most commonly found packaged as part of Oracle's Java platform. Typically the default Java installation calls for the toolbar to be installed automatically, and a user must opt out of the installation by manually unchecking the "Install the Ask Toolbar and make Ask my default search provider" checkbox. The Ask Toolbar offers weather, local news, videos, Facebook synchronization and more, but many users find it a nuisance. It can be uninstalled by going to the Control Panel, selecting "Uninstall a Program" and then selecting and uninstalling both the Ask Toolbar and Ask Toolbar Updater.

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I inquired about this, and it seems that the pay-for bundling of toolbars dates back to Sun (although not necessarily the bundling of this particular toolbar) I was informed that
There don't seem to be any positives about the 'Ask' toolbar though there are a lot of negatives. It seems that particular download includes all types of Malware, Viruses, and Keying
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