Average Cost of Catering?


The cost of catering can vary depending on the number of guests. The price generally averages at $20 per guest. A caterer can choose to have a fixed price in which each platter costs a certain amount of money. For example a ham that serves 50 could cost $200. A caterer could also choose to charge a tier price in which the more guests are invited the cheaper each platter is. To find out more about the cost of catering, you can find many web sites on the internet.
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Depends on what kind of food you want, who you hire, and how people you're talking about. Generally, caterers charge 3 times the price of the food served so that they make a profit
1. Get a head count of expected guests before contacting caterers for price quotes. Determine the number of guests you are expecting. Use the highest estimate of guests that might
Sending your child's shoes out to be bronzed can cost between $40 and $150, depending on the number of shoes you want to have bronzed (one shoe or the pair), and whether you want
Catering sometimes can cost between $10-20 a plate. It depends on the type
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The Average Cost of Wedding Catering
The average cost of catering a wedding reception can vary widely depending on the part of the country, the time of day, the type of reception and many other variables. Here's a rundown of what a wedding reception might cost to you.... More »
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