What is an average grocery bill for two people?


The average grocery bill for 2 people varies depending on if they are on the thrifty plan, low-cost plan, moderate plan, or liberal plan. For example two people on a thrifty plan average at $79.80 for the week while another couple on the moderate plan spends an average of $126.70 a week. This is for adults that range from 19 to 50 years old. Adults over 50 tend to spend slightly less on groceries averaging at $75.70 or the week.
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Answer Last year U.S. households spent $3,240 on average for groceries http://www.cccsatl.org/save-money-grocery.asp Answer $100 to $150 most weeeks & $200 on big ticket item
The average family of four spends $244 per week on
My boyfriend is 27 and I'm 30, no kids in the house we spend about 75 a week (his half is all chef boyardi, cereal, fruit by the foot etc. lol) my half is meats, packaged dinners
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