What is the average real estate commission actually paid?


I recently referred a new listing to an agent in West Los Anglese near Santa Monica. I interviewed several agents and all of them wanted 6% commission which is the norm here in the Sacramento area. Because this was a family member, I was hoping to
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How to Calculate a Real Estate Salesperson's Commission
The success of a real estate salesperson is determined by the number of homes she is able to sell, but the amount of money she makes as a real estate salesperson is determined by the commission they earn for each sale. There are several factors that are... More »
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standard rate is 6% 3% for listing agent, 3% for selling agent. discounts are available.
1. Draw up a contract. The contract should contain all the terms of the sale or purchase of the property. One of the terms listed on the contract is the real estate commission. 2.
The median expected sales commission for Commercial
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Each state has their own guidelines as to how much a real estate agent can charge for commission. This rate is typically between 1 and 10 percent of the sale price ...
5 percent ...
5 percent ...
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