How to Use Candy Bar Names to Present Student Awards?


Here is a long list to get your mind rolling and get you thinking about what is good for your students. Each class is different...Give candy awards in a group setting. It is more fun that way! 1. WHOPPERS - for the best story telling. 2. MILKY WAY -
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Antoinette Perry.
The name of Malofiej Awards is a tribute to an Argentine cartographer, Alejandro Malofiej, who in 70's and 80's made charts and maps in Argentinian newspapers and magazines. Embed
Unless otherwise noted, the award is voted on by hockey writers and broadcasters. Hart Memorial Trophy: Awarded to the player "most valuable to his team." The award has
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Trying to come up ideas for original award names can be fun yet challenging. Depending on what the award is for will decide which direction you should go in for ...
You are able come up with many creative award names by yourself or by using ideas found online in forums or on numerous websites. The best way to come up with ...
The Tony Awards are named after Antoinette Perry who is the co-founder of the American Theatre Wing. The Tony Awards are also known as the Antoinette Perry Award ...
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