Baby Formula and Karo Syrup?


To make baby formula with Karo syrup, you must first boil approximately 20 oz of water and then allow the water to cool to room temperature. Add one can of evaporated milk and two tablespoons of light Karo syrup. Mix until fully blended. Pour the mixture into sterilized jars or bottle and then refrigerate until needed.
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Things You'll Need. Measuring cup. Paper towel or saucepan lid. 1 can evaporated milk. 2 tbsp. light Karo syrup. Spoon. Sterilized jar with lid or sterilized bottles. Instructions
I always used a teaspoon and it works (and it is not going to hurt your child despite what others say, I mean it's sugar pretty much). If a teaspoon doesn't work then try a little
For children younger than age 1, Karo syrup may be a potential cause of a rare
Brooke; Sorry, have been out of town! You probably are fine by now...but, they don't have to eat the karo syrup that many times a doesn't matter if they are eating formula,
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How to Make Baby Formula With Karo Syrup
Before the introduction of commercial baby formula, most mothers who could not breastfeed, or who chose not to, would make formula for their child at home. The recipes for homemade baby formula almost always included Karo syrup as an ingredient. While... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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