How to Diagnose Bad Struts.?


1. First check the shocks by placing your body weight at the bumper of the car then releasing. If the car bounces more than two times the shocks are worn away and need to be replaced. Look under the car for leaks from the shocks as well, as this will
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A quick way to check and see if your struts are bad is to press down on the bumper to bounce the car. Once you get the car rocking really well, stop and see how many times the car
Go to this link to learn all about shocks and struts. Rick. I'm a retired ASE Master
Don't worry about the inexperienced, incorrect answer you received first. Brandy doesn't have a clue what parts of the car and suspension system struts control. No way in hell will
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It is generally safe to drive with bad struts. But the driving will be less stable than usual. It will also be not as comfortable as the usual driving with good ...
Some of the most common symptoms of a bad strut mount might include clunking or grinding noises that come from the front of the vehicle. Other symptoms include ...
1. Push down hard on the front bumper and then let go. If the car bounces up and down, more than twice it is possible that the struts are defective. This is called ...
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