Bad Tie Rod Symptoms?


The following are bad tie rod symptoms: a shaky steering wheel, vibrating car and a wandering car. A tie rod plays a critical role in the steering process of the car, therefore it is essential that one undertakes the necessary checks to avoid breaks.
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When parked, if you can wiggle the tires left/right while the engine is off, this is a sign of a loose/bad tie rod. Another sign is if it takes minimal effort to turn one direction,
1. Shimmying and shaking of the steering wheel is the first sign that there might be a potential tie rod problem. If a tie rod(s) should become broken or damaged, the steering wheel
The inability to hold an alignment, possible high speed wobble, and
Symptoms of a bad tie rod include: a shaky steering wheel, a vibrating car, and a wandering car. Get your car checked out if you experience these signs.
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Bad Tie Rod Symptoms
Looking at a car from the outside, it's easy to take for granted that all four wheels will stay pointed in roughly the same direction. But suspension systems -- particularly front suspensions -- are complex, and have to move in many different directions... More »
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