Bad Water Pump Symptoms?


The water pump sends water to the radiator to keep the engine cool while driving. The pump is run by a pulley. Sometimes that pulley can break and it will stop the pump. No water going to the radiator generally leads to overheating. Another sign the water pump is going bad is called weeping. If you start seeing drops of coolant under the car, check the seals on the water pump. When a water pump starts to go bad, the seals are designed to start leaking as an indicator. Also listen for any rubbing, grinding, or whining noises from the pump.
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A car owner will know if the car's water pump is bad if the cooling system
All vehicles talk to you - they tell you when things are fine by humming along in a rhythmic pattern; on the other hand, they squeal at you when something's wrong. Water pump bearings
If it leaks, change it. If it's not leaking, I wouldn't be worried about whether it's going bad, just wait for it to leak.
the water pump will leak from the bottom of it look directly under where pump is there will be a puddle of water. start engine so you put pressure on system first, for 3 to 5 minutes
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Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump
The water pump is the heart of your car's cooling system. It's imperative that you keep it working properly. Many different problems can occur with the water pump; however, the symptoms of a problem are fairly easy to notice.... More »
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