Bait for Tilapia?


Tilapia will eat just about anything. They were originally introduced to our waters as a method of reducing aquatic vegetation. Many people find good success catching tilapia with earthworms, nightcrawlers, or other assorted bugs. Another interesting way to catch them is to make a bread ball. Moisten some old bread and mix in a small amount of Cheez Whiz. Mash up the mixture and form small grape-sized balls. Tilapia fish seem to love it. Tilapia thrive just about anywhere and can be found in abundance in most freshwater fishing spots.
Q&A Related to "Bait for Tilapia?"
Regular old worms are by far the best bait for tilapia. They should be cast near
sorry to differ with another answerer but. tilapia can live ANYWHERE. they are caught in the ocean at the mouth of the santa ana river, they are in many warm bays and backwaters.
Garlic cheesy dough balls and chicken livers have worked for me. They feed much like catfish (bottom feeders) and many people who fish for catfish catch tilapia. Tilapia can get pretty
For bass, the best bait would be live shiners. for Tilapia, that depends on what type of tilapia. Where I'm at we have the spotted which will hit a lure with no issues. Then we have
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