How to Become a Customs Officer.?


1. Register for the Customs and Border Protection written test at the agency's human resources website. Fill in the requested personal information. A valid social security number is required to verify U.S. citizenship. 2. Print the admission notice
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Customs Officer Jobs for Ashburn, VA 20147
Custom Protection Security Officer (Reston, VA)
· Reston, VA
Unarmed Security Officer (Elden Street)
New Horizon Security Services, Inc.
· Herndon, VA
Custom Protection Security Officer (Urbana, MD)
· Urbana, MD
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To become a customs officer in Canada, you will need to first be a high school graduate. You will also be required to have a Possession and Acquisition License ...
Customs and Excise Officers work for HM Revenue and Customs office and their main job is to collect taxes and duties. One can usually join HMRC as an administrative ...
The United States Department of Homeland Security can help a person determine if becoming a customs agent is the right career path for them. They can start a person ...
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