Beer Alcohol Content by State?


Different states do have different rules as to what is legal for beer alcohol content to be. While many may be surprised by this information states like Mississippi have lived under a law that stated that alcohol by weight limit in beer must be 5 percent. That law was changed in 2012. The new law is that 8 percent alcohol by weight is the limit now not five. Neighboring Alabama has a 13.9 percent alcohol by volume cap. Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee have no caps on limits.
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6% it WAS 5% by weight which is about 6.25% by volume. MS legislature just passed law (April 2012) that raised it to 8% by weight, which is about 10% by volume.
Alcohol content statements for beer are optional under federal law ( see. am/chap. though if manufacturers choose to include such statements, they must
1. Using a hydrometer to measure the density of your beer, known as its "specific gravity", take a reading before it ferments to calculate the "original gravity"
The alcohol content of beer commonly falls in
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