How do I Beat the No Belted Sensei in Club Penguin?


1. Log into Club Penguin and select the "Dojo Courtyard" on your map. Go to the center Dojo and click the "Card-Jitsu" sign to speak to the Sensei. Select "Earn Your Belts" to begin the game. 2. Play three differently colored cards of one element, or
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Theres no actual way I can tell you. All you have to do is try and try and sensei will get weaker. Soon you can defeat him. Remember to wear your black belt into the battle or this
If you are taking a beating, do your best to protect yourself.
As someone who have done wrestling and kick boxing. I've also done judo and bjj. I'm currently training in all and boxing too. I generally would try everthings to avoid bjj black
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There is no way to beat the sensei without being a black belt in the game Clubpenguin. Continue to play the Jitsu competition until you receive the black belt. ...
Belting refers to belts considered as a group. It can also refer to the material that is used to make belts such as leather or plastic or, in slang, a beating ...
To beat the sense (sensei) on club penguin, you need to win competitions and get belts. Once you have the black belt you stand a better chance of beating the sensei ...
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