How to Compare Architecture Schools.?


1. Work for an architecture studio. Not only does this experience help you in the field, but it gives you a chance to interact with architects and talk about their school experiences. 2. Contemplate if you want a narrow niche in architecture. Similar
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1. You need to have a high school diploma or equivalent (baccalaureat, IB, Swiss maturite, apolytirion, etc. and you cannot enter an architecture school with a diploma from a technical
To be one of the best Architects study in UST College of Architecture in the Philippines!
UB School of Architecture and Planning (Antwerpen) The TUDelft, Aarhus University and ETH Zurich all run bi-langual courses. However, since all of them have a large group of international
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Some of the best architectural schools in the United Kingdom are Architectural Association School of Architecture, Bartlett School of Architecture, University ...
The best architecture school in the world is not yet established because each country has different award winning structure in ranking schools. In 2011, Cambridge ...
The field of architecture contains many subsets. Students looking to pursue a career in this field can choose to major in industrial design, interior design, general ...
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