What is the best refrigerator temperature?


It is recommended that the best refrigerator temperature consistently stays below 40 degrees, with the optimum temperature being 37 degrees. Since most refrigerators do not have thermometers, most people will find that setting the dial between three and four will get the refrigerator cold without making it too cold. A thermometer can be purchased inexpensively to place inside of the refrigerator to make sure that the temperature stays at the optimum number for a consistent period of time.
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34°F - 40°F is the ideal refrigerator temperature range. Some Web sites just say under 40°F, but not so cold to freeze fresh foods. Dairy products and meats keep best
Things You'll Need. Refrigerator thermometer. Glass. Water. Instructions. Get a refrigerator/freezer appliance thermometer to use to test the temperatures. Place the thermometer in
1 Purchase an appliance thermometer designed for refrigerators and freezers. Ad 2 Place the thermometer inside a glass of water, and put the glass on your refrigerator's middle shelf
The preferred temperature is somewhere between 35 and
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