What is the best time to transplant cedar trees?


The best time to transplant cedar trees are in late fall or early spring. The ground should not be frozen. The transplanted tree should be watered well to encourage root growth and staking is suggested to prevent wind damage. Mark the north side of the tree with a marker or flag. This will enable one to position the tree in the same direction upon transplanting. Dig carefully to try to prevent damage to the root system.
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1. Choose young, well developed and disease free seedlings with 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick stems. Transplant cedar trees in late spring. 2. Dig a circle about 1 foot out from around the
Answer If you're going to transplant any tree or shrub, it should be done in two steps. You need to start in the spring. First, you need to root prune. A tree that has been growing
During last weeks of the winter period before its buds open,
If they're large, it's tricky even during the best time of year. But if they're still small, early spring, when you can get a shovel in the soil, but before the plant has broken dormancy
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The Best Time to Transplant Cedar Trees
Cedar trees can reach majestic heights, but are best transplanted when small. These trees are relatively easy to transplant, but you should move them at the right time and under ideal conditions so that they have the best chances of survival.... More »
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