How do you remove Betadine stains from your skin?


To remove betadine stains from the skin, start by removing any clothing near that area and wash your hands with warm water. Pour rubbing alcohol solution onto a cotton ball until the yellow colour is gone. Rinse the area with warm water and soap. Betadine skin prep is the standard of care for cleansing the skin before medical or surgery procedures.
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Betadine is a germ-killing agent that is used on skin to prevent infection. Often, health care professionals use betadine to clean the skin prior to surgery, to clean wounds, and
ANSWER: You cant, its a dye. It has iodine in it and it will leave that yellow bruise looking mark. Since dye's are not soluble in plain water, you may want to try leaving it alone
use some rubbing alcohol that should take it off just fine. Don't get too close to the incision and when you go in for your follow-up that might be a better time to do this. Don't
For the most part, betadine will wash off the skin with plain
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