Black Spider with White Spot on Back?


There are a few spiders that have a white spot on their backs. Some types of spiders with the white spots on the back are the white backed garden spider, white spotted jumping spider, and black widow spiders. Not all of the spiders will be black, but often a dark brown. Some of the jumping spiders have a bright red belly on them. They are very fun to watch in action. The jumping spiders have 8 rows of eyes.
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Sounds like a jumping spider.
The bold or daring jumping spider is 15mm long and nearly as wide. It has fluorescent green mouth parts. Its legs are short and thick in appearance, and its entire body is covered
I might need a little more information but there's a chance it's a male blackwidow, there's a wide variety of what they look but her's a good picture I found. Source(s)
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A fuzzy black spider that has white spots on its back might be the White-Spotted Jumping Spider.
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