How do you fill in the blanks on a W-2 and print it out?


Printing out a W-2 form and filling in the information is pretty straight forward. However, if you want to fill in the blanks on a W-2 & Print the form, you will need software. A W-2 form can be downloaded as a PDF file. The PDF file can be manipulated and then printed from your computer. If you do not have a program that allows you to manipulate the W-2 form by way of PDF, you can use a software such as W2 Mate. This software can be found online and it simplifies the process.
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1. Use an accounting program. Many companies use accounting programs such as QuickBooks to print W-2 forms. These types of programs are capable of printing W-2s using the information
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Not financial advice: Box 20 provides a brief description of the local, city, or other state tax being paid. The description may recognize a certain city, or a state tax like State
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You can download a current Form W-2: Wage and Tax Statement from the official IRS website,
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