Blonde Hair Turned Purple?


You may have wanted to color your hair blonde but instead got purple results. This can be corrected by first mixing an equal amount of shampoo and developer or hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Dampen you hair by spraying water on it. Apply the mixture on the purple parts of your hair and massage it into the hair. Leave the mixture on for five minutes. This will help dissolve the purple color off your hair. Rinse your hair with warm water then apply conditioner and leave it on for another five minutes. Rinse of the conditioner and dry you hair.
Q&A Related to "Blonde Hair Turned Purple?"
1. Mix equal parts of 10 volume developer and shampoo in a small bowl or cup. If you do not have developer, use three-percent hydrogen peroxide instead. This is the typical kind you
The colour of the product transferred to the hair. There are hair products specially for blondes; if this keeps happening, you should try some of those.
From. http://Thebeautydepartmen. : Purple conditioners– not a fan. I would rather not tone the hair twice. It becomes too much and can lead to an ashy tone if you over
1 Go to a local drug store or pharmacy and buy some leave in conditioner. Put it in your hair before you go swimming. This will make your hair softer, smell good, and sometimes even
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