Why is there blood in my phlegm?


hey dear. Dnt delay a proper check up. Presence of blood is nt really normal or which will heal on its own. And dnt expct big profsnal answers nere. Nobdy is a doc.
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Coughing Up Blood
Coughing up blood is what it sounds like—when you cough up blood, expelling it from the throat, lungs, or any other part of the respiratory tract. The medical term for coughing up blood is hemoptysis. The seriousness of the condition depends on the amount of blood and the length of time the blood is being coughed up, but, a you’ll read below, it should. . . More »
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If you're seeing blood streaks in your phlegm, it could be a sign of serious bronchial infection, tuberculosis, or even lung cancer. Sufferers of lung cancer and tuberculosis often
It happens in the morning because your lungs is at rest and your throat is filled with phlegm and while your sleeping you cough up. coughing causes rupturing of cappilaries causing
Bloody phlegm is a common symptom. Phlegm is like a "byproduct" of
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Go to the hospital it could be Tuberculosis. And TB my friend, CAN AND WILL kill you. TB is basically where you get a hole in your lung from an infection and the ...
The black stuff in your phlegm may be dried blood. It can be caused by sinus or lung problems. Only your doctor can properly diagnose you. ...
Coughing up red phlegm is typically a sign that there is blood in your mucus. This could be from something minor or a much larger issue. It is best to check with ...
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