Blown Intake Gasket Symptoms?


In a vehicle's engine, the intake gasket functions as a seal between the cylinder head and the intake manifold, which distributes air coming into the engine. Some of the signs of a damaged intake gasket include external leaks, internal leaks, excessive coolant loss, an engine that overheats, and a rough idle. An engine will overheat if it does not have coolant. If the intake gasket is blown, the coolant will leak out and cause the engine to overheat.
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Answer if your head gasket is blown firstthe car will overheat , white smoke smells like maple ,oil in your coolant ,and water in your oil. check your fluids.
Look under the oil cap for any white looking stuff on it. If so the
Difficult to say how long it would take for a head gasket to blow since there are a number of factors involved with that. Weather, terrain, engine usage, wear, etc. In any case, they
Hi there: Use Factory parts the gaskets are improved from the originals and they have a complete head gasket kit that has everything but the head bolts in it. the bolts are no reusable
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Blown Intake Gasket Symptoms
The intake gasket provides a seal between the intake manifold and the cylinder head in a car's engine. Gaskets are subject to extremely high temperatures and pressures. A blown intake gasket can cause havoc in an otherwise healthy car engine, but the... More »
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