What Are the Examples of Brain Twisters?


Brain twisters are fun but are mentally challenges. They are puzzles that provide exercise for the brain. Examples include I'm big. I'm bright. I light up the night. What am I? and How many eggs does a rooster lay a day?
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Its when you cut open your head and twist your brain around with a spoon you should try it its awesome
How about this one? When you throw me into the air, I'm white. When I fall to the earth
if the time fertilization is taken as your correct birth time,do any one knows his birth time.
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Brain Twister Games
Brain twister games, also known as brain teasers, are puzzles and problems that require you to "think outside the box" to find the answer. Brain twisters come in many forms from mini-mysteries to riddles to optical illusions. The average person may take... More »
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