How to Deal With a Breakup of a Long-Term Relationship?


Long term relationships are the hardest when they end. Dealing with this loss can be very hard, however it is doable. First off is that for the time being, you need to focus on other things. Take down the pictures of you together. Put away those stuffed animals they bought you (or any other presents). Focus on making yourself happy. Do things which you enjoy and do them with other people.
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1. Cease contact with your ex. Any contact you have with your ex will only prolong your healing. Phone calls, texts, emails, instant messaging and in-person contact are off limits
1 Understand that age brings cracks. You have to always keep in mind that age will take its toll & have to be prepared for its effects. With age all of us change. Our physical
There's no easy way out of it. I always maintain that the first step towards a solution is knowing the problem. What one goes through is quite like the Kübler-Ross model of five
I know how you feel. I broke up with my boyfriend 2 years ago and I still cannot get over him. I love him and still want him back. All I can say is if you have found a great love,
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