How to Kiss A Woman's Breasts The Right Way?


1 Your initial step in kissing a woman's breast is to execute a proper preparation and planning. Most of the time, men tend to act spontaneously when they feel an urge to make out or make love to their wife or girlfriend which leads to poor planning.
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if you mean womens breasts then it is a way to express love for your body.
well, you guys made out, what did you expect? if you really didnt want your boobs kissed, then making out was a dumb idea.
I think she would enjoy it if it was done by someone she
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A kiss on a breast is a form of affection usually during foreplay or sex. Many women enjoy having her breasts kissed during sex. This is an especially sensitive ...
There is a base system when talking about fooling around physically with a partner. First base is kissing, second base is touching the breasts or penis and third ...
To feel a girl up, you generally put your hand up her shirt, and fondle her breasts. When you do this, she may want you to kiss her, or touch her in other places ...
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