How to Care for a Broken Knuckle.?


1. Wash any open wounds, such as cuts and scrapes, with hot water and dish soap or hand soap, or a similar antiseptic product. You must do this immediately after the injury to reduce the chance of the skin, blood or bone getting infected. 2. Cover
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Broken Bones
A broken bone, or a fracture, is a common injury. All broken bones require medical care. Learn what first aid care for suspected broken bones includes. More »
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Broken knuckles are most commonly caused from punching an object. A broken knuckle will be swollen and bruised, and often look distorted or bent. The best thing to do is to visit
Immediate and intense pain in and around the knuckle, deformity in the appendage,
Have it x-rayed to make sure it does not heal improperly or all screwed up. Keep it straight and in a splint to avoid more damage and to heal. It will throb and hurt (like you hit
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A broken knuckle heals properly between 4 and 6 weeks. You should tape the broken knuckle to the next-door finger or depending on the intensity; use a splint a ...
Treatment for a broken knuckle involves cleaning and covering any open wounds on the finger, immobilizing the hand to prevent further injury, and putting ice on ...
The symptoms of a broken knuckle will normally include pain, bruising, swelling, lack of mobility, and eventual numbness. Dislocation of the finger is common and ...
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