What are some inventions from the Bronze Age?


The Bronze Age is one of the systems used to teach and learn about prehistoric societies. The bronze age was full of many inventions. There were two main inventions that came in the Early Bronze Age. Pottery technology was invented, which meant that the potter's wheel started being used regularly. Artisans also made metal tools and weapons. There were more inventions in the Middle Bronze Age. These inventions include palaces, right angled paved streets, chariots to be used in battles, and new weapons that were made almost entirely of bronze. When Canon became a part of the International Community, a lot changed. This is why there were no new inventions in the Late Bronze Age.
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The Bronze Age was an era of many great inventions. Some included better tools and weapons, but not only that. Also the wheel and writing! It's always good to brush up on the old
Actually, bronze was not invented by any one person. It was developed by various groups of prehistoric peoples, from the Middle East to China, from Greece to Great Britain. Bronze
There is no clear answer as of yet but the most comonly cited theory is that there was some sort of ecological disaster that led to widespread crop failures. It is about this time
(brŏnz) n. A period of human culture between the Stone Age and the Iron Age, characterized by the use of weapons and implements made of bronze. See Usage Note at Three Age system
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