What is a brown snake with a yellow belly?


There are a few different snakes with brown bodies and yellow stomachs. The most common one is the House Snake. The House Snake is a light to medium brown color with two pale yellow lines and a yellow body. These snakes are very small and have no venom, so they are harmless. The females are much larger than the males and can grow to be near;y 150 cm long. Male house snakes will be very small at only around 75 cm long. There are over 2,000 different House Snake species known.
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There are lots of different snakes which have similar markings - based on
The Yellow Bellied Black Snake of Australia a close relative of the Red Bellied Black Snake.
It sounds like a Prairie Ring Necked Snake. Thee is a description and picture on the website I added to this. Source(s) http://mdc.mo.gov/nathis/herpetol/snake/….
The yellow bellied water snake, (a sub-species of Nerodia erythrogaster), are native to the United States, (Georgia through Texas, as far north as Illinois). Although they may have
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