What is a brown snake with a yellow belly?


There are a few different snakes with brown bodies and yellow stomachs. The most common one is the House Snake. The House Snake is a light to medium brown color with two pale yellow lines and a yellow body. These snakes are very small and have no venom, so they are harmless. The females are much larger than the males and can grow to be near;y 150 cm long. Male house snakes will be very small at only around 75 cm long. There are over 2,000 different House Snake species known.
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There are lots of different snakes which have similar markings - based on
The Yellow Bellied Black Snake of Australia a close relative of the Red Bellied Black Snake.
sounds like it could be a type hog nose snake of some type possibly, there not really all that aggressive but they sure try to pretend to be, often when they are striking they don'te
The yellow bellied water snake, (a sub-species of Nerodia erythrogaster), are native to the United States, (Georgia through Texas, as far north as Illinois). Although they may have
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