Bta Fee Nigeria?


The BTA fee is a scam created by Nigeria scam artists. The BTA stands for 'basic travel allowance.' This term is used by scammers on dating sites to steal money. They will claim that they are at the airport flying to see their victim, but they need the BTA to fly. The only things needed to fly to Nigeria or from Nigeria is a passport, i.d., and airplane ticket. The legitimate BTA was used almost fifty years ago to keep poor countries from loosing all of their money.
Q&A Related to "Bta Fee Nigeria?"
It varies but my girlfriend is being charged $2450 US dollars to come home back to the USA.
No "bta" required. Scam. Point blanc. Please do some thinking. An allowance is a benefit and never required. Source(s) common sense.
Sorry, not my area of expertise.
Basic Travel Allowance - BTA Please remember: there is NO such thing. There is NO such requirement, in any country of the world. This is an invention of the scammers.
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