What are some bugs that look like lice?


There are many bugs that look similar to lice. The most common type of bug that mimics lice is the bed bug. These bugs can be very small and hard to see. Unless looking specifically for them, one may not even notice. The bugs lay tiny eggs that can also be hard to see just like lice eggs. These bugs like damp dark places. The best way to eliminate the bugs is by using special bed bug chemicals. When they are found, it is imperative that the sheets, clothes, and anything in the room be washed and cleaned.
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Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are wingless insects that are barely visible. They are grey-white in color and about 2-3 mm in length. They can be mistaken for dandruff. Each
The adult louse is no bigger than a sesame seed and is grayish-white or tan. Nymphs
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