What are some adaptations of butterflies?


There are two structural adaptations of a butterfly. First, the patterns on butterflies have changes over time to make them less noticeable by their predators. The wing size on butterflies have increased in size, so they can fly faster away from their predators.
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Butterflies' primary structural adaptation is in their wings and how they use them to conceal themselves. The wings of many species have evolved to mimic their surroundings, with
Monarch's bold coloration is a warning to predators that they are
Many butterflies and moths have what are called eye spots on their wings. These are evolved to look like eyes of a larger species. When a predator is near the butterfly or moth will
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Lepidoptera are holometabolous, therefore they have three distinct morphological stages; larva, pupa and adult. After hatching from the egg, larvae go through a series of molts as they grow. During each molt, the old skin is cast... More »
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