What is a CPR blood test?


I think you mean CRP; C-reactive proteïn. its a protein in your body that increases when there is somekind of infection in your body. Therefore its a good marker.
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CPR, done within the first 6 minutes of the heart stopping, will keep someone alive until medical help arrives. It can be done by a trained layperson by performing external chest compression and rescue breathing to keep blood and oxygen flowing through the body of a victim when his or her heartbeat and breathing have stopped. More »
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1. Visit the American Red Cross' "Could You Save a Life? quiz for five multiple choice questions with explanations of each answer. 2. Visit CPR Dude's Review CPR Procedures test
It is probably where they test your skills. When i had a CPR test, they got out a fake dummy and had us practice on that. Source(s) mee ( :
It depends where you live, but the American Red Cross offers CPR training and
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CPR test questions and answers are available online from the Red Cross website. While these questions will not be the exact questions feature on your written test ...
The CPR test questions are asked by the American heart associate. They are not allowed to give the questions or answers. This ensures a fair chance to everyone. ...
I would not want someone to preform CPR on me that cheated by asking for the answers for CPR the test! Read the book. and you will know the answers. ...
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