How do I calculate CPI rent increases?


To calculate CPI rent increases, it is necessary to know what the CPI was exactly one year ago. The CPI is the Consumer Price Index, determined to be what the value of a basket of goods costs at any given time. Often rent increases can be made annually at the same percentage that the CPI has increased. So, if the CPI estimates that a basket of goods cost $60 last year, and now costs $66, the increase is $6, which is 1.1%. If the monthly rent was $400 last year, it can be raised 1.1% to $440.
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1. Head to the CPI section of the website (link included below) and retrieve the CPI spreadsheet, which is a giant table full of price data. 2. Locate the current month and
divide the current rent by the old rent, assuming that the current rent has increased that will give you the amount it has increased by. or multiply the current rent by the required
No one likes rent increases. As a tenant it's easier to resign yourself to rent rise if you know the increase is based on something tangible such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI)
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