What is the California capital gains tax rate?


As of May 2013, the combined capital gains tax in the state of California is 33 percent. The state of California has the second highest capital gains tax in the whole world. The capital gains tax rate at the state level in California is 13.3 percent and the capital gains tax rate at the federal level is 20 percent. The capital gains tax rate was raised in California in January of 2013,. The country with the highest combined capital gains tax rate is Denmark at 42 percent.
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A capital gain is the profit you make when you sell an asset. Assets are almost all property - real estate, stocks, furniture, cars. In determining capital gain you are allowed to
It's always best to seek professional tax advise from an accountant, but here is the link to the IRS page that discusses capital gains: . http://www.irs.gov/busine. sses/sm. The
The U.S. tax code gives similar treatment to dividends and capital gains, although this will change slightly in 2013. Currently, ordinary dividends and short-term capital gains those
California, like many states, does NOT have a different rate for capital gains. (And I would point out that SHORT term gains, federally, are taxed at ordinary rates too) It is possible
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What Are Capital Gains Taxes for the State of California?
While the IRS uses special rates for capital gains, California simply adds gains to your taxable income and taxes it at the state's marginal rate.... More »
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