Can baby skunks spray?


Baby skunks can spray. Skunks spray when they feel frightened or threatened, and baby skunks are more likely to spray than adults because they tend to frighten more easily.

When baby skunks are present, the mother is usually nearby. If there is a skunk den on the property, the mother may be in there. If her babies are approached, the mother will almost certainly rush to defend them and may spray. Skunks, including babies, also bite, so caution should be taken around these animals, no matter their age.

Skunks should never be fed human food. They require a special diet found in nature, and feeding them human food can cause illness or death.

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Skunks are perhaps most commonly known for the foul-smelling spray that they eject when they feel threatened or frightened. They are common across North America and the smell from
The skunk's scent glands are mature at less than one month of age. Anything else for
Skunks can spray accurately up to 15 feet. Luckily, they only spray as a last resort defense.
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