Can Constipation Cause a Fever?


Generally, constipation do not cause fever in adults and it happens only in very rare occasions in children. It only occurs in children when the constipation is so serious that it causes bowel obstruction. On the other side, a fever may cause constipation.
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Certain processed foods make elimination difficult because they are more difficult to digest. These include refined white flour, white rice, sugars and pastries. Processed foods that
Constipation can come from many things- like eating to many fatty, high in sugar, high in calcium- more or less anything that you eat to much of can cause you to become constipated.
Constipation is sometimes caused by lack of fluids. Some babies don't
There are several digestive diseases and conditions that could cause constipation. Adhesions are a type of internal scarring that may happen after surgery. Adhesions can cause the
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