Can Dogs and Cats Mate Together?


Dogs and cats have never been able to mate together. They may engage in behavior that looks like mating, but it may actually be them playing, fighting, or showing affection to one another.
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1. Focus on training the dog. Cats are very independent, so rarely do they follow commands. It's better instead to ensure your dog understands and obeys command like "sit,"
it either has a dog or a cat. There will be no offspring. They are genetically incompatible.
Dogs and Cats cannot mate because the are of different species and't-cats-and-...
Give them food every time they see you. I fed neighbors' cats or dogs every time I passed by them on my way to school.soon they recognized me and would automatically come up and &
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Dogs and cats can not mate together. Reproduction is species specific. However, a dog or a cat can mate with another breed of its own species.
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