Can Dogs and Cats Mate Together?


Dogs and cats have never been able to mate together. They may engage in behavior that looks like mating, but it may actually be them playing, fighting, or showing affection to one another.
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1. Search for a few pictures to imitate. Look in magazines, books or on the Internet to find images of a cat and dog sleeping. 2. Place tracing paper over the images. Use the pencil
it either has a dog or a cat. There will be no offspring. They are genetically incompatible.
Dogs and Cats cannot mate because the are of different species and't-cats-and-...
I think this is a specific case of the more general question, "Why is it easier to train a dog than a cat? The simple answer is that dogs are (on average) more social than cats
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Dogs and cats can not mate together. Reproduction is species specific. However, a dog or a cat can mate with another breed of its own species.
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