Can Gallbladder Disease Cause Weight Gain?


Constipation and weight gain can be symptoms of gallbladder problems, therefore gallbladder disease can cause weight gain. Other symptoms of gallbladder disease include indigestion, gas, bloating, and belching which is usually worse right after a meal. Many things that cause gallbladder disease also cause weight gain, such as a diet high in saturated fats or a diet high in refined foods and sugars. Being overweight is also a cause of gallbladder disease so the reverse is true as well.
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Gallbladder Disease Complications
The gallbladder may at some point form an abnormal passageway (fistula) to help process the liver’s bile. This is the most severe problem associated with gallbladder disease. Complications include obstruction of the intestine, inflammation,... More »
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A contracted gallbladder is one that is diseased and smaller than normal. The contraction of a gallbladder in such a situation typically is caused by scarring. ...
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