Can Mules Breed?


Mules can only breed in very rare cases. Male mules are completely sterile, due to the mixture of chromosomes they receive from their parents. Female mules have only had around 60 recorded births since 1527.
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Yes, that is true. Mules are sterile because horse and donkey chromosomes are just too't-mules-bre...
Well, that's pretty simple. It's a cross between a horse and a donkey. That's what me and my stablehand Ty have heard.
A pack mule is the offspring of breeding a donkey with a mare that has some work horse or draft horse blood. This breed of mule does not have a riding conformation, nor is it extremely
A mule is a intergeneric species. Horse and donkey are two separate species which are closely related but are reproductively isolated. In nature cross between such species doesn't
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