Can Water Be Magnetized?


Yes, water can be magnetized. Magnetized water is beneficial for health.
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u can magnetize water by mixing it with some science magnetism liquid and then u can stick it 2 somethin metal or magnetable
For the first method, start with the bar, disc or funnel magnet. Drip tap water over the magnet and let a glass or pitcher catch the magnetized water. Because the water only has a
Hello Angel: Thanks for your question! Elements which occur in water are magnetized as they pass through layers of naturally occuring magnetic fields. Read more on this topic at the
Water is diamagnetic by nature. That is, it is weakly repelled in the presence of a magnet, but the effect is so small that it's only detectable with very sensitive equipment. As
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I would have to say that yes it can be magnetized and there are a few people out there that believe that people can benefit from drinking it. You can find more information here:
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