Can you die from gout?


According to WebMD, gout is not fatal. As a type of arthritis, it's a symptom of other problems within the body, such as high levels of uric acid in the blood. The uric acid in high amounts can form crystals on the joints, causing pain and affecting mobility.

WebMD states that high alcohol intake, being overweight and eating too much meat all contribute to higher levels of uric acid. Gout-related pain usually occurs at night and includes inflammation and pain in the big toe or other joints. A doctor's visit is recommended even if the symptoms cease as elevated levels of uric acid that caused the gout symptoms can still harm the joints.

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Eat Right. If you suffer from gout pain, limit your servings of poultry, lean meat and fish to no more than 6 oz. each day. Avoid eating excessive amounts of liver and beans because
Water is best.
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Gout Complications
Many people who experience one gout attack never have a second one, but others develop chronic gout—repeated attacks that happen more and more often over time. Especially if untreated, chronic gout can lead to more severe problems.Gout attacks most often come on at night and wake patients from sleep. Continued pain can prevent a person from falling back asleep. The pain of a gout attack can interfere with walking,... More »
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